Tokyo Cowboy Novel

An as-yet unpublished mainstream novel by Jorian Clair.
"Tokyo Cowboy" is, at one level, a "fish out of water," East meets West action/adventure/love story. On another level, it is a character-driven, intricately plotted novel that explores the fine line between honor and pride, the looming extinction of the American cowboy and the small family-owned cattle ranch, and the confrontations that can be triggered when people of different cultures clash.


It is 1991, the 50th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, when Japanese businessman/Karate master/Zen Buddhist Hiroshi Nakamura goes deep into the heart of Texas to salvage a land deal. At stake are family honor and the survival of his father’s Tokyo company. All because the volatile widow who owns the Lazy T, the cattle ranch he must have, has backed out of a verbal agreement to sell.

When Hiroshi and his associate, Takeshi, arrive at their destination, their presence detonates an explosion of incidents that affect Jesse Trent Tucker, the strong-willed widow who is fighting to keep her family's fifth-generation ranch, and ensure the future of her precocious 10-year-old daughter. Unresolved are the conflicting emotions she feels for C.C., the taciturn Lazy T foreman she has secretly loved since childhood, and an unexpected mutual attraction between her and Nakamura.

The "gentlemen from Japan" also ignite racial confrontations when locals become fearful that a World War II enemy is planning to take over Texas land. But the most serious issue is that the pair has inadvertently interfered with a major land swindle involving the Lazy T, and this places their lives in jeopardy.

In an effort to buy time before escrow closes on the Lazy T sale, Hiroshi manipulates Jesse into letting him and Takeshi, both experienced Western-style riders, help with an upcoming roundup, which sparks humorous cultural incidents. But soon incidents of a threatening nature begin to occur.

Hiroshi survives a vehicular manslaughter attempt on his life and uses karate to avenge the near-death beating of Takeshi; Jesse refuses to give in to vandals and faces down a mob of racists; and C.C. fights for the woman he loves and saves Hiroshi’s life.

By the novel's end, the banker orchestrating the land swindle and the cohort responsible for the attacks on Hiroshi, Takeshi and Jesse, have been apprehended. Character arcs have altered those involved in finding resolutions for personal, business and cultural problems. And Hiroshi Nakamura returns to Japan a changed man because of his experiences as a Tokyo cowboy.

Author's Notes:

I believe that to entertain, a novel must be a page-turning “good read,” one with an intricately plotted story, multi-dimensional characters and the kind of narrative pacing that keeps pulling me from chapter to chapter because I must find out what is going to happen next.

Educate is the word I use for a learning experience.  No matter what the subject, I find it richly rewarding to learn something new when I read a novel.  Enlighten is a word that represents what happens at the sub-text or “deeper” level of a novel, such as character transformations that result in a deeper understanding of self. Nothing is more personally enriching to me than to realize that the reading of a particular novel has expanded the canvas of my mental, emotional and/or spiritual insights and perceptions.

Addendum:  Regarding writing style, I chose to write the Prologue and Epilogue in the present tense, while the rest of the novel is written in the past tense and the story is presented in a linear fashion because that is the type of storytelling I prefer to read.

In the opening scene of the Prologue, I chose a “thick minimalist” style to help the reader get inside the meditative mind of the protagonist where his greatest internal conflicts are revealed.

Although the Prologue and first four chapters of the novel take place in Japan and we return there for the Epilogue, the balance of the story takes place in Texas where I was born and raced quarter horses in small town rodeos at age 11. (Yes, I have followed the maxim of writing about what I know.)

Jorian Clair

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Tokyo Cowboy is an action-adventure-love story. Karate master/Zen Buddhist Tokyo businessman, deep in the heart of Texas, locks horns with the widow who owns the cattle ranch he must have.

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