The Crooked Little

Christmas Tree Book

Jorian Clair The Crooked Little Christmas Tree Book
"The Crooked Little Christmas Tree"
A Childrens Picture Book Written by Jorian Clair
Illustrated by Martha Logan with line drawings that can be used for coloring.


This is the story of a Christmas tree that no one wanted because it was not perfectly shaped.

As in traditional fairy tales, the little tree and “his” forest animal friends are endowed with human characteristics. But the efforts of the little tree’s friends to help him look less crooked are unsuccessful. This causes the little tree to despair of being taken home by a family in the container where his roots have been protected so he can be planted in the earth after the holiday season has past.

Then, he is discovered by a little girl who is spending Christmas in the mountains with her family. Like the little tree, they are homeless, and a forest is more comforting than the city when you have only a van in which to live.

The uplifting ending of this environmentally and family oriented story resonates with a basic truth:  It is okay to be different.

For children of all ages (and adults, too!).

Jorian Clair The Crooked Little Christmas Tree
Jorian Clair The Crooked Little Christmas Book

“The Crooked Little Christmas Tree”

A reader tells how "The Crooked Little Christmas Tree" has become a part of her family's holiday tradition.

"I just finished reading The Crooked Little Christmas Tree to Spencer and Avery. They loved it! We have made it a Christmas tradition. We turn the lights low, sit in front of the Christmas tree and read and read. That is my favorite tradition with my grandchildren."

– Gene Hall, Pecan Creek Ranch, Llano, Texas

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