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From Me to You by Jorian Clair (Facebook Return)

How have you been?” asked my very first fan, Raffi Haddad, in his email. His question triggered the realization that there might be others wondering the same thing, especially since my last Facebook postings occurred in April 2016. Those were communications about the debut of “Perspectives,” my first indie-produced music video. How I have been begins with the day a trio of talented friends (see last posting) arrived at my condo to film the video, and I struggled out of bed where pain from a L1 vertebra fracture had kept me after a bizarre fall at home. With the use of an opioid drug, I managed to get through more than three hours of nonstop filming before I had to admit I could not continue. This is why the two-minute interlude of me talking about the pair of songs being featured was presented as a voice over to the camera’s exploration of my home.

Unlike many others, I stopped taking the prescribed opioid after two weeks because I found the side effects were not worth the pain-masking relief. This was the beginning of learning to live with chronic pain because neither prescription drugs nor medical Cannabis worked for me.

Throughout that year, my falls were too numerous to count, and medically unexplainable until a series of MRIs revealed that I had Degenerative Spine Disease, exacerbated by curvature of the spine (Scoliosis).

In 2017-18, the number and frequency of falls began to wane. Then, on March 26 and again on April 4 of this past year, first responders rushed me to Emergency for two home falls, each with a head injury, the second requiring 12 staples to close the scalp laceration.

The ER doctor did not want to release me to go home because I live alone and only nine days had elapsed between the two falls. I convinced him that the problem had nothing to do with my living alone and everything to do with making my condo fall-proof in the same way parents might child-proof their home. I did this and there have been no more falls.

But I remained too exhausted and depressed to even think about writing. And then, an at -home party, while we sat at the dining table, pizza demolished and conversations lively, my gaze wandered to the person I knew was seated across from me: Andrea Press, editorial assistant on my manuscripts for years. Because we met after I lost the last of my sight to a genetic disease in 2000, the image of her face that I had conjured was based on other people’s descriptions of her appearance. So, I focused my gaze on where I thought her eyes would be before I leaned forward and spoke.

“How do you feel about my decision to end my creative endeavors?”

Her reply, when it finally came after a long moment of consideration, was brief.


There was so much feeling in that single word, my throat closed off any response. But the next day, I began to write again.

Stay tuned for release of two new songs.

Coming Soon: From Kitchen Songs to Recording Artist.

Yours in Words and Music – Jorian

Important Changes Announced!

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To hear samples from Jorian’s “Lost and Found” CD album and all her singles for digital downloading, or to make purchases and post reviews, please visit her CD Baby website at http://cdbaby.com/cd/jorianclair. You may also purchase her “Lost and Found” CD album from this website.

Author Jorian Clair’s award-winning “The Crooked Little Christmas Tree” is available for purchase. This contemporary fairy tale book for children has earned five-star reviews on amazon.com and continues to be sold throughout the year. The book can also be purchased on this website. To place an order, please Click Here.


Love, lost and found, is both title and theme of this CD album with songs created and sung by Jorian Clair; music arranged and performed by composer/orchestrator William V. Malpede, Jr.

For those who would journey back to the '40s and '50s, "Lost and Found" is an album of songs and musical monologues, reminiscent of that era. The lyrics, delivered in the sultry voice of Jorian Clair, evoke memories of the singers of that time.

Listen to Music Samplings from this album.


Single track recordings offer a variety of Jorian Clair's songs:

“Eye Candy” explores the sometimes funny side of not always humorous phenomena: a culture obsessed with appearances. Sophisticated lyrics and double entendres are used to navigate what could be a heavy topic in such a way as to make us laugh at ourselves.

“Proceed with Caution” This is the song of a woman who has given up on men and love because she has found that such relationships are built on illusions that shatter when pretend collides with reality. But the mood is lightened by jazzy blues music and provocative double entendres.

“I’m Too Much Woman for You” A jazzy beat underscores the sassy attitude of a rogue woman’s view on what she wants (and does not want!) in a mate. Double entendres and tart observations deliver a wry sense of humor that triggers laughter.

“Where Do I Go from Here?” This is a song that considers how thoughtless actions and words can create a detour that may take one down the wrong road, and asks: Is it ever too late to change direction in one’s life? Reflective lyrics and a haunting melody create what Jorian refers to as a “sung soliloquy.”

"What Was I Doing?" This is a classic yet contemporary love song about two people on the brink of forming a relationship. One is afraid of commitment; the other understands that such fear means the loved one must be set free until this personal conflict has been resolved. But what will happen when a heart closed to love is opened and the seeker's destiny is revealed?

Digital Downloads of Jorian's Songs Available at CD Baby


Jorian Clair's contemporary fairy tale, "The Crooked Little Christmas Tree," earned third place in a Writer’s Foundation America’s Best Children’s Picture Books contest. Her book is enhanced by illustrator Martha Logan's line drawings, which can be used for coloring.

This is the story of a little Christmas tree that no one wants because he is not perfectly shaped. (Even though he has been grown in a pot so he can be replanted in the ground after the holiday season is past.)

When the little tree despairs of ever having a home where he can help bring joy to a family, five of his forest friends try to make him look less crooked. This quintet of small animals reveals their characters through words and actions while they work as a team to transform their friend. But, after all their inventive ideas fail to succeed, hope fades.

Like most fairy tales, this one has a happy, uplifting ending. And The Crooked Little Christmas Tree learns that it is okay to be different.


Tired of reading genre novels written to formulas so predictable the thrill of discovery, of learning something new about life and people is absent from every page? Then you are ready for Jorian Clair's as-yet unpublished mainstream novel, "Tokyo Cowboy." The genesis of this book was her screenplay by the same name, which took fifth place out of more than 13,000 entries in an international competition. Jorian subsequently withdrew the script from the film market to write the story as a novel. This novel is for those who like a page-turning good read with literary substance, intricate plotting, complex characters, action and romance.

Read the Prologue and first three chapters of "Tokyo Cowboy" for FREE!


Jorian Clair is a Tae Kwon Do Senior Red Belt (10th level of 10). She passed the first of a two-part test for a Black Belt, but back problems prevented her from taking the second test, which would have earned her the classification of a TKD first-degree Black Belt.

Her three-part article, which was published in Dialogue magazine, was written for the visually impaired and blind. But its comprehensive how-to presentation makes the information appropriate for those considering martial arts training for the first time. In her Blog she also tells about two related incidents: The first triggered her decision to learn how to defend herself; the second recalls how martial arts helped her avoid being abducted by a stranger.

Martial Arts

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